1181 Mountain Street


Back alley adventures !

It’s a throw back concept that has a down–to-earth feel. Its not a cookie cutter franchise locatedon the corner of main and main! Locations are painstakingly chosen in high-density neighborhoods, in and around back alleys, just alittle off main street. Chill out on a bench, in an alley, and enjoy your burger. Voila ! The birth of the back alley adventure.


Outstanding burgers

Whether it is raining or snowing you can hide under an awning or come into the QDC Burger restaurant that has 6 stools and standing room for 20 along the counter. The imbalance between a Kings product sold in a “common environment” creates the magic of the moment.


Back alley street style

QDC Burger is a back to basics down to earth concept. It’s a neighborhood concept. Unplug. Chill. Grab a delicious burger and bench in an alley with an old friend or make a new one.

No fuss. No reservations. Enjoy the back alley adventure!

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